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I was previously quite intimidated at the gym and wasn’t very comfortable knowing what I was doing.. From the day I walked into the GRIPT studio I’ve always felt welcomed and supported”
— Rachel.S

At GRIPT we are all about coaching our clients.

We understand each of our clients capabilities and work with them to enhance their understanding of each exercise which allows them to improve their execution.


Small group training

Even though you are in a group you feel like you are receiving personal training that’s just for you.


Are our women's weight training group sessions that are unique to GRIPT. Under the watchful eye of your trainer you will improve your technique in specific lower and upper body sessions. Through your training you will build strength and confidence in your body that you can take with you outside the four walls of the studio.

Capacity: 8 per session
Cost: $25 per session


6am - 6:45am
6:45am - 7:30am
7:30am - 8:15am


These are our men's weight training group sessions where egos are left at the door to allow for quality training. The sessions follow a specific training program where you will train each muscle group every week. You will learn the GRIPT Hypertrophy Training Principles to maximise your training efficiency and utilise different training styles to increase strength and gain muscle mass.

Capacity: 8 per session
Cost: $25 per session


6am - 6:45am
6:45am - 7:30am
6pm - 6:45pm


Functional group training

I was training at another gym and thought I was fit.. I then heard about GRIPT and these guys know how to take you beyond your limits”
— Richard.P


High intensity, Metabolic Conditioning, Circuit Training whatever you want to call it you wont find a more honest and challenging version of it than this. Under the supervision of an expert trainer you will be coached to improve your technique and motivated to surpass what your previously thought was possible with your fitness.

Capacity: 24 per session
Cost: $15 per session

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

6am - 6:45am

6:45am - 7:30am

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

6pm - 6:45pm
7pm - 7:45pm


8am - 8:45am
9am - 9:45am


The foundation of a strong body is a strong core. On this basis we created STABILIZE which is our group training session that focuses specifically on engaging your Abs and building core strength. You will learn that core strength is built through the quality of your work and not the quantity of it.

Capacity: 24 per session
Cost: $15 per session


6pm - 6:45pm
7pm - 7:45pm


A blend of the traditional and the new era. Our boxing conditioning sessions are gloves on, hard hitting, high intensity cardio workouts. You will be going to work on the heavy bags, putting combinations together on the focus mitts and putting your fitness to the test in interval training.

Capacity: 24 per session
Cost: $15 per session


6pm - 6:45pm


6am - 6:45am

Personal Training

Training that is designed specifically with you in mind. Whether you are new to training and want to learn, coming back from injury through rehabilitation, you want higher quality training or you are a pre or post natal mum, our Personal Training is the training environment for you.
Capacity: 1 per session
Cost: $80 per session


6am - 8pm

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Training Packages

Ultimate Training Package
4 x Small Group Training Sessions
2 x Functional Training Sessions
1 x Infrared Sauna
Personalised Meal Plan including monthly adjustment
4 x Small Group Training Sessions
2 x Functional Training Sessions
1 x Infrared Sauna
3 x Small Group Training Sessions
2 x Functional Training Sessions
$85 per week
2 x Small Group Training Sessions
2 x Functional Training Sessions
$65 per week
Unlimited Functional Training $50 per week
3 x Functional Training Sessions $45 per week
2 x Functional Training Sessions $30 per week

We offer Initial Consultations so we can gain an understanding of what experience you have and what you specifically want to achieve so that we can recommend the most effective training for you.


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  • All GRIPT payments are set up via direct debit on a weekly basis
  • A GRIPT client can place their payment on hold with us when travelling interstate/overseas
  • A GRIPT client can terminate their arrangement with us at any stage by providing 2 weeks notice
  • GRIPT reserves the right to cancel a client's arrangement due to lack of application during training, inconsistency with attending training or behaviour towards another client or GRIPT trainer



Improve your relationship with food.

The way you fuel your body with nutrition is as important as the way that you train it if you are wanting to achieve results.

Our Nutrition Programs are personalised specifically for you and we will work with you to improve your understanding of how your body works what your body requires.


Base nutrition

Learn the fundamentals of basic nutrition requirements by gaining an understanding of your individual macronutrient and calorie requirements to achieve your fitness goal.

Having this knowledge and applying it will guarantee your results when combined with our training programs.

Digestive health

Have your mind opened to a holistic health approach and gain insight into hormones, your digestive system, food sensitivities and the effects this can play on your physical and mental state.

You may appear to be doing all the right things with your nutrition and training but you’re not making any progress.

By optimizing hormone levels and your digestive system you will see your body rapidly improve the way it should be.


Minimize toxic exposure by making gradual changes to your lifestyle.

Understand the real science behind the body’s detoxification processes by implementing the three necessary phases to liver detox so that you don’t come across any fat loss plateaus.


Take your body to the next level with calorie manipulation and nutrient timing strategies.

Use advanced fat loss protocols to target stubborn body fat and your problem areas.




GRIPT is a passion that runs far deeper than physical results that focuses on understanding our people as individuals, being aware of what their motivations are, and what has stood in the way of having them achieved their goals already, ensuring we can educate and support them, through their new training program that will permit the greatest likelihood for success.

In a saturated industry GRIPT was founded out of my personal frustrations within a commercial gym environment where I was restricted in my ability to help a larger amount of people achieve their fitness goals. I was and still am sickened by the transactional exchange of time for money model that occupies so much of the personal training industry.

Our promise is to never compromise the quality of our service and endeavour to build your confidence in and outside of the gym by helping you achieve things you never thought possible.

This isn’t just a gym, GRIPT is your Body’s Sanctum.

- Jack Boon
Founder & Physique Coach, GRIPT

Jack Boon
Founder & Physique Coach

With years of experience in the fitness industry I have a passion for the people I work with. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and depending on the individual, I aim to provide you with the best possible pathway to improve your body composition and happiness within your own skin.
I specialize in hypertrophy training but am driven by seeing improvement. This applies to all areas of my life – physical aesthetics, athletic performance, business, relationships, and continuous education.
With countless hours of training under my belt, never ending research, seeking mentorship from leaders in their respective crafts I recognize the power of experience and strongly believe applied knowledge trumps theory.
My coaching has a big emphasis on assessing your individual biomechanics and using your mind to become your body. With improved coordination between your brain and the muscles you want to work we can create an optimal environment results.   
With an understanding beyond just training, I combine good old fashion hard work with a holistic approach into detoxification, gut health (digestion), and scientifically supported nutrition that forms my advice and opinions.

GRIPT (1 of 1)-13.jpg

Drew Westfield
Strength & Conditioning Coach

It was a late night conversation with Jack over the phone in May 2014 that started the GRIPT journey for myself. Jack spoke about the frustrations he had towards the commercial gym industry, with the lack of care towards their clients and the quality of training that was being provided. He told me what he was striving to achieve, a space where he could deliver the highest quality training, to educate people about their body and to support people to make the necessary changes to improve their quality of life. Three months later the doors to the GRIPT Studio were opened.

Over the past 2 years the studio has grown with us. We have a strong culture within the studio of developing our clients, our trainers, our services and the studio itself. We continue to invest back into the studio with new equipment, facilities and growing the space so that we can continue to improve the quality of our services that we deliver. We want to provide a space where people can leave the distractions of everyday life behind to focus on themselves.

From a training perspective building people's capabilities is what drives me. Coaching people to understand the principles 0f each exercise, how to improve their execution and building belief that they are capable of achieving something they previously thought they were not capable of achieving.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.15.15 pm.png

Dean Francis
Strength & Conditioning Coach

With six years experience in the fitness industry, I have been able to gain a comprehensive understanding of strength, rehabilitation and training for performance.

I have a passion for educating each of my clients in a one-on-one environment on how their body works and what it is capable of achieving through physical training. I use a combination of training styles including Strength, Conditioning and Plyometrics to increase performance as well as Mobility and Hypertrophy to improve physique and strength. I create a high energy and challenging environment for my clients where you are able to go beyond your personal boundaries.

Nathan Kennedy
Strength & Conditioning Coach

What gets me out of bed every morning is the desire to work with people who are committed to improving themselves. I coach and support each of my clients to develop the habits which are going to allow them see real change to their body and to their lives.

I like to get a deep understanding of each of my clients, their ambitions, what makes them tick and what makes them want to drive to achieve success. With a big emphasis on strength training in my sessions, I work with each of my clients to improve their understanding of each exercise and their ability to execute it.

Coming from a elite sporting background playing College Basketball in the USA, I understand the importance of structure, strategy and giving yourself the best opportunity to perform by being supported by good habits. All of these things I like to work with my clients on to allow them to perform in and outside of the studio.

As a young father I understand this importance of young mother's remaining active pre natal and in their post natal recovery. I have worked closely with a lot of young mothers towards finding that balance of caring for their child and just as importantly caring for themselves by looking after their health, body and well being through their training. We are extremely accommodating in the studio to make sure young mums can take the time out of their day to focus on themselves.



We're located at 52 Wilson Street, South Yarra.

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