In attempt to write a blog, I succeeded by failing.


After an hour of procrastination with no inspiration or ideas for a topic, I removed myself from my working station and went outside. In a nearby park I proceeded to lay on the grass and look up at the sky and attempt my own mindfulness and meditation exercise. The intention was to clear my mind with the hope that doing so, would allow for creative thoughts to flow thereafter.


My focus was to pay all attention on the movement of the clouds above. I cant help but think there is a connection here, between something so simple that was done with such regularity as a child, and the imagination that is present during early years of life.


Throughout this 10 minute duration, you’ll find your thoughts wander. The moment you recognise that you have drifted and draw your attention back to the clouds, you have exercised mindfulness.


Although my goal was to stay clear from my thoughts, my inspiration was found and as a result, I have now documented my experience of writers block and highlighted the value of mindfulness and meditation. People often cry time poor when it comes to meditation, yet its return on time investment is lucrative. Meditation has multiple mental, medical, and physical benefits that can create a more efficient, more productive, and positive individual.


Point and case.


Next time you’re grinding through work or feeling stressed, don’t reach for the coffee pot, go outside, lay down on your back, look up into the sky, and clear your mind for the afternoon ahead.