The supplement industry demonstrates a first-class example on how to target consumers via tapping into their emotions. These emotions stem from a desires to build a better body with the least amount of time and effort invested. In my eyes, the supplement industry mirror Big Pharma companies providing a promise and solution to your problems through medications and, or supplements. Let me tell you, ‘health’ supplements don’t work unless a foundation of proper nutrition and training are established in the first place. However, just like in all aspects of modern health, impatience and a lack of holistic understanding fuels dreams of an easier way. 

Commonly seen, if you have soreness you’re told to take anti inflammatories. If you have heart burn or reflux, antacids & proton pump inhibitors seem to be the go-to. Anxiety and sleep issues use valium bandaids for bullet wounds and acute infections often over prescribe antibiotics. All mentioned possess threats to the integrity of ones heart health, potential weakening of bones and osteoporosis, poor sleep quality, and compromises to the super important gut flora. 

Focus needs to be shifted to these pillars of health: sleeping, breathing, moving, thinking, and eating better. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve been involved in a trauma accident, there is no place in the world you would rather be than in a western hospital. However, the pharmaceutical industry has become the backbone of western medical practice. With the influence Big Pharma have over governments, our health care system has become a commodity in a market driven, global economy. Modern health care is more about chronic disease management rather than health and wellness. 

This is an exponential issues that sees one medication come with side effects treated with another medication, failing to find the route cause. In most cases, chronic disease are preventable with good diet and exercise.

In the fitness industry, look at the popularity of fat burners and pre workouts. Commonly referred to or compared to as ‘legal speed’ by the bacne ridden sales rep behind the store counter. Because more sympathetic dominance is just what the gen-pop clients’ nervous system needs in their stressed lifestyle. Some of the best advice I learned from Ben Pakulski is that any energy gained from the use of stimulates, is energy borrowed from the future. Cell receptor sites down regulate sensitivity from constant stimulus therefore, regular ingestion reduces their effectiveness and will demand larger dosages in the future to achieve equal results. If you’re dependent on such things to find energy and motivation for your workouts, perhaps its time to start addressing other areas within your health and lifestyle. 

The modern world exposes us to greater stress and inflammation from processed foods, deprivation of darkness, more chemical exposure prevalent in cosmetics, a detachment from physical contact with the earth and increased oxidative stress from electricity, radiation, wifi, and bluetooth etc.

Progression in technology and infrastructure has come with regressive consequences to human health. We did a pretty good job as humans finding out what was good for us, and what wasn’t, well before we knew anything about omega 3’s or amino acids. A confused mind says no, and social media has flooded our minds with an abundance of contradicting information often over promising and under delivering. 

When you stop looking for the short cuts that don’t exist and start prioritising ancestral style nutrition, improvements in your life will be found. 

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”

– Upton Sinclair