Training at GRIPT is like no other. We start by understanding what your goal is, what experience you have and then recommend what training reflects your goal.

Training in the studio is programmed in four week blocks. This allows you to improve your understanding and execution of each movement, and lift your training intensity and volume of work each week.

All sessions are taken under the guidance of an expert and experienced coach, to allow you train better and safer.


The 1-on-1 attention you need to learn weight training fundamentals, return from pregnancy or injury, to focus on a specific performance goal, or if you prefer the privacy of 1-on-1 training. Your coach will plan, program, and measure your training on our digital platform to ensure you are making progress each session.


The motivation, consistency and kick start you need to get your health on track. ENERGIZE is our High Intensity Interval Training that will get your heart rate up and the post workout endorphins flowing, and FORM is our resistance based group training where you will learn the fundamentals of weight training in full body workouts. Each of our group training sessions has a maximum of twenty four participants.


Women’s weight training designed to get women results. Build lean muscle, and firm, tighten and shape your body using the weight training philosophies we have built over the past five years. Our VOLUMIZE sessions are designated to Lower and Upper Body Sessions to allow you to get the right volume and frequency of work in each week.


Men’s bodybuilding, without the ego. The HYPER program is designed to target muscle and strength gain. There are four sessions per week with each session specific to a major muscle group – Chest, Back, Legs, and Shoulders/Arms.