Drew Westfield

Owner of GRIPT

In 2014, the doors to the studio were opened with the intention to create serious change in the fitness industry. This was based on what we had identified as the major problems at the time. Commercial Gyms that didn”t care about their clients, and Personal Trainers who treated their clients like a transaction.

Over the past 5 years GRIPT has evolved. This is based on our constant desire to lead the industry with what we do and how we deliver it. What has remained the same, is ‘WHY’ we do it. We want to give people the power to take control of their situation, and improve their quality of living by prioritising their health.

The culture we have built in the studio is based on a firm set of values we have engrained. We want to create an environment where people feel a sense of belonging, somewhere they can come where they don’t feel judged or criticised, allowing them to focus on improving themselves. We want to provide our people with purpose, with an understanding that each day they are working towards something worthwhile through their training. We want our people to be able to form real relationships, based on having an authentic and genuine level of care towards one another. And most importantly, we want our people leaving the studio each day with the sense of accomplishment.. That they have taken a step in the right direction towards their goal.

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