Jack Boon

Founder and Owner of GRIPT

GRIPT was founded on the vision to remove the transactional nature of the personal training industry where an exchange of time for money is the typical relationship. I was constantly frustrated with the lack of unity within big box gym culture where communication with the member base was road blocked.

GRIPT isn’t just physical for me. My passion lies with the personal growth found within an individual having accomplished things they thought to be out of reach. To see people build confidence that flows throughout other facets of their lives, is where I gain my fulfilment. My aim is to influence people’s mindset to change the way they look at their health, from a ’12 week challenge’ or quick fix, to a gradual change of improvement long term built on new found self belief.

Drew Westfield

Owner of GRIPT

I joined forces with Jack in June 2014. We set out to change the fitness industry with what Jack had identified as the major problems at the time. Commercial Gyms didn”t care about their clients and Personal Trainers treated their clients like a transaction.

Over the past 3 years GRIPT has evolved. This is based on our constant desire to lead the industry with what we do and how we deliver it. The why we do has always remained the same. We want to give people the power to take control of their lives and to improve the way they view themselves by prioritising their health.

The culture we have built is based on real results, take real effort and we have removed the ego, bullshit and challenges that have prevented people from achieving success.

Real bodies are BUILT. NOT BORN.

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