The number one reason you aren’t getting results, isn’t because you’re doing the wrong rep range, amount of sets, or tempo. It isn’t because you’re doing too much, or too little cardio. It isn’t because your trainer is prescribing the wrong training method or techniques. It’s not because you eat Paleo instead of an Atkins or Keto diet. And it’s not because you aren’t taking the right supplements.

The Gods honest truth is, you don’t try hard enough. You don’t try hard enough while you’re in the gym, and you’re too lazy to implement basic nutrition fundamentals outside of the gym.

But I get it, everyone’s really busy… really tired… and it’s all really hard. But do you get no one cares?

The excuses you tell yourself to justify your short comings, are the lies you believe to cover your insecurities of failing to achieve something, or not being as good as you could be. Those lies aren’t for anybody else, because no one else cares.

As the saying goes “If you want something done, get a busy person to do it”?

The most common excuse is time, or lack thereof it. In my experience, the people that use this excuse are time poor delusional.

How many hours have you spent this week on social media scrolling through Facebook and Instagram? How many hours have you spent watching TV or movies? How much time have you spent on YouTube? How many hours did you spend in bed? How much time did you spend looking for an easier, more convenient alternative?

If you work 9-5, you can’t use time as an excuse. You have 16 hours left over, available for self-improvement, family, and recharging. Even working 6-6 still leaves you with 12 hours. What you decide to do with your time available is completely up to you.


If you watch an episode of Game of Thrones every second day, you have time.

If you sleep more than 6 hours every night, you have time.

If you sit on the train day dreaming instead of doing something productive, you have time.

If you move around like a sloth, you’re inefficient and wasting time.

Technology has made everything convenient, but convenience is a mother fucker and far too high on your priority list. I sympathize for those stuck in the convenience trap that looks like Uber eats and Netflix but guess what…. No one cares.

I called it a trap for a reason. It’s sneaky, can swallow you whole before you realize it, and it’s hard to escape. Feeling sorry for yourself? No one cares. Complaining about the way things are is never the right move and gets you no further away, from the things you’re complaining about in the first place.


Newton’s First Law – An object in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force.

You must be your own external force with your decision making and self-awareness.

So, before you go searching the internet or quizzing your coach for industry secrets and magic supplements to burn fat, ask yourself these questions first:

–       Am I completely focused and absolutely give 100% effort in the gym, minimum 4 days per week? If the answer is no, start there (4 hours of a 168-hour week).

–       Do I have a trusted nutrition protocol or set of principles? If the answer is no, start there.

–       Do I self-prepare and execute that nutrition at least 90-95% of the time? If the answer is no, start there.

We live in a time surrounded by opportunity and choices. Be grateful for these options but do not become a creature of circumstance, create your own circumstances.

Something I learned listening to Gary Vaynerchuk is that you’re more likely to win the Lottery twice in your life, than you are of having a life in the first place. How lucky are you to have been born? Exactly that, luckier than someone who wins the Powerball two times.  Never heard of Gary Vaynerchuck? Start here:

I’m not heartless nor unsympathetic, I’m just a realist and telling the truth. If someone comes to me for help and shares a vulnerability, I’ll do everything in my ability to navigate their ship in the right direction but that person has to do the actual driving. That’s just how things work. If you’ve got this far and feel disgruntled with my words and think I’m an asshole, guess what. I still don’t care.

“Invest heavily in your number one asset, and your number one asset is you.”

–       Warren Buffett.

In Summary:

  • The only supplement you need is a truth pill


  • 4 x 1 hour training session is less than 2.4% of your week


  • 2 x hours of meal prep is less than 1.2% of your week


  • If you can’t dedicate 3.6% of your week to training and nutrition, I don’t want to hear your complaining, the problem is in the mirror


  • Start being honest with yourself and reflect on your daily efforts to identify room for improvement


  • Convenience has made us lazy and entitled


  • Execute the basics (e.g. eat wholesome clean foods from the earth, drink lots of water, train harder than you complain)


  • Expectations vs Reality – Don’t expect 100% of the results with 10% of the application


Coach Babs