Let me start by saying I have immense respect for the professional athletes who compete at the CrossFit games. When you watch the documentaries on Netflix, you have no choice but to acknowledge the deserving title “fittest on earth”. There is no one else on the planet who could do what they do. 

These guys are insanely conditioned and display features of: 

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Skill

  • Speed

  • Stamina

  • Strategy

  • And Mental Toughness above anything. 

I understand the appeal of CrossFit. The idea is very simplistic and if competition arouses you, you might just love it. CrossFit has combined different forms of exercise to create something that I would describe as a mixed marriage between athletics, weightlifting and sport. 

But… in honour to the recently deceased and forever greatest strength coach, Charles Poliquin “If you’ve only got one ass, you cant sit on two horses.”

So with that being said, I position this question: What is your intention?

If you are seeking the thrill of competition, and CrossFit is how you’d like to nourish those desires, then I’d encourage you to find a reputable CrossFit box that coaches proper form, has screening processes and prerequisites in place to be completed prior to participating in any heavy or high rep olympic lifting. 

My take on olympic lifting firstly, is it’s awesome. Great for speed, great for power. However, Olympic lifts are traditionally done with sub maximal loads, for single or low repetitions, with long rest periods. Why? Because thats how they’re meant to be done. My personal opinion says its moronic for general population trainees  to perform high rep olympic lifts under fatigue. Doing so is asking for trouble and will continue to place your money in the hands of physiotherapists for years to come. I could, and will throw F45 under this umbrella also, due to the lack of supervision and exercise selection that rivals the creativity and risk factor of masterbating with a belt around your neck attached to the bedroom door.  

I say this with no emotion, but with years of observational evidence. Monthly we receive an influx of new clients seeking something better, having suffered from back injuries while training in these facilities. 

The guys at the top level have trained for years to condition themselves for such intensity and can get away with it because they’re ELITE. I say this with no disrespect to the reader but you, probably are not. With that being said I am sure you are elite in your field of expertise, but that right there is the difference, professional cross fitters are experts in CrossFit. 

It’s a bit like guys who take copious amounts of steroids to look good at music festivals yet have no intention or realistic genetic ability to ever become Mr. Olympia… Just doesn’t quite make sense when weighing up the risk v reward scenario. 

So once again, what is your intention?

If you want to do CrossFit, do CrossFit.

If you want to be a CrossFitter, you need to do CrossFit.

If you want to improve your health and body composition, there is a better way.