When the whole “if it fits your macros” spiel came on the scene, my initial thoughts were “this is just an excuse for people to be lazy and eat chocolate.” To be honest, my thoughts haven’t wavered far from this, even after such a long stretch of time.


I do believe for the standard person looking to improve their health and composition, they should allow for some flexibility that permits a nice meal out with their partner or friends on Friday nights for example. This allows clients to enjoy their lifestyle and satisfy some simple desires while maintaining 90% accountability. For the average person, this is great. On the flip side, being a food Nazi, leaving no room for such pleasures, will almost always create a volcanic like pressure declining overall well being and a likely result of binge eating and a completely derailed plan.


Yes, people have had success by using the “if it fits your macros” approach because it provides quantity control, but not quality. What would be more beneficial is a micronutrient goal. The black and white approach to weight loss, is to create an energy deficit by either reducing overall calories and/or increasing energy output.


So, here is why I dislike it…


Below I’ve calculated two different food options with equivalent macronutrients. For the purpose of my argument, lets imagine both subjects are identical female twins with equal health markers and athletic abilities. They are to consume this same meal 4 x per day + 30g Whey Protein post training.


Their daily macronutrient breakdowns are:


Protein: 100g

Fats: 108g

Carbs: 140g


Total Calories: 2052


Subject A’s food:


McDonald’s Big Mac’s


Subject B’s food:


70g Chicken Breast

1 x tsp. Coconut Oil

70g Avocado

20g Almonds

150g Sweet Potato

1 x Cup Broccoli


Disclaimer: I am not recommending anybody eats 4 identical meals per day, these specific macronutrients or these specific meals. This is purely hypothetical and for educational purposes only. 


Now you don’t have to be a genius to realise these two people are not going to look or feel the same after a 3 month period eating the same macronutrients and calories because not all calories are built the same.


The “If it fits your macros” approach is extremely time consuming and not sustainable. People who feel the need to talk about their macros all the time tend to also be extremely irritating, often making statements like “Well, I had two squares of chocolate, so I’ll have 120g of sweet potato instead of 150 and I am aaaaaall G, yay.”


Other things not taken into consideration:

  • Micronutrients
  • Stress
  • Food effects on neurotransmitters
  • Inflammation
  • Digestion
  • Pesticides, Preservatives, Chemicals
  • Polyphenols
  • Effects on Micro-biome
  • And more


Long story short, fuck you and your macros.


  • Eat wholesome foods from the earth
  • Eat high quality protein with every meal
  • Eat healthy fats from nuts, avocados, and high quality oils
  • Consume your carbs around training
  • If you don’t train restrict carbohydrates
  • Eat lots of cruciferous and fibrous vegetables
  • Drink lots of water
  • Prepare your food yourself
  • Enjoy a nice meal out once or twice a week (without taking the piss)


Thanks for reading.