One of the most overlooked, yet most important influences on overall health and weight management is someones NEAT.


NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis,) includes everything energy expending other than direct sport and exercise, eating and sleeping.


The research shows, a part of our brain known as the hypothalamus, leaves less active people (people with low NEAT), with low levels of meal satisfaction and a likelihood to consume greater amounts of food per meal. From a healthy dieting perspective, meal satisfaction is important to stay in control of your nutrition.


The research supports the flip side that more active people (people with high NEAT), experience greater meal satisfaction and are less likely to overeat.


Neuropeptide Y is a neurotransmitter that controls your appetite. When this hormone is too high in the brain, you cannot control yourself from your cravings. This hormone is unregulated by inactivity and excessive carbohydrate eating.


The following strategy is recommended to improve your NEAT:


Using an activity watch or your iPhone, track your daily steps.


Weeks 1-4

Goal: 8,000 daily steps


That is a weekly total of 56,000 steps. If it gets to the weekend and you have fallen short on your accumulative total, this is your perfect opportunity to get outside, get moving, and step out your weekly quota.


Weeks 5-8

Goal: 10,000 daily steps



Weeks 9-12

Goal: 12,000 daily steps


Coach Babs