Be Introduced to the GRIPT training community with 14 days of unlimited access to our 3 unique Group Training styles.


  • Our sessions have a maximum capacity of 24 people
  • They are available Monday to Friday 6am, 6:45am, 6pm and 7pm + Saturday 8am and 9am
  • With 30 workout variations and 200 exercises to choose from, our sessions never get boring
  • We will also discuss what you want to focus on with your health and recommend what training will be most effective for you
  • Available to purchase for $50.00


Energize is an explosive workout with absolute training intensity. It combines HIIT, Metabolic Conditioning, Cardio and Strength & Conditioning styles all into the one training experience, which promises to challenge even the fittest physically and mentally.

Energize is the ultimate fat burner and fitness booster.


Fight your way to fitness. Boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, producing some of the fittest athletes in the world. Expect a combination of technique, bag work, core and cardio.


Stabilize is a 45 minute workout fully devoted to strengthening your abs and core. These classes will tighten your mid section and improve strength in all movements that can be taken into the rest of your training.