Coming January 31, 2022



The BUILT. Program is a 12-Week Program designed for those ready to step into the next phase of their health journey in 2022. The goal is to build a healthy lifestyle based on long term, sustainable habits.

  • Commit to the 12-Week Program January 31 to April 24, 2022
  • Form a consistent training routine
  • Create accountable eating habits
  • Prioritise recovery and stress management

By adopting and implementing these principles the program targets improvements to your body composition – increase lean muscle mass, and decrease body fat mass.


The 12-Week Program is available through Personal Training, the Volumize, Hyper and Move Program. Based on 4 sessions per week to build lean muscle mass, the program will introduce Cardio and Core elements in the final phase of the program.


Build your knowledge to understand your daily macronutrients requirements and how to structure your meals to reflect your goal. 

  • Macros Calculated
  • Meal Plan to follow
  • Fortnightly Adjustments Made

The end goal is to enable you to eat intuitively with confidence. To do so, at the end of the program you will be guided back to maintenance calories.


Stress management and recovery will become a priority in your routine, with an emphasis placed on rest, repair and relaxation, to allow you to perform better. This will include access to the Infrared Sauna in the studio throughout the program.


Your progress will be tracked utilising the Inbody Scanner to identify changes to your body composition (Body Fat Mass, Lean Muscl Mass, Visceral Fat).

Every 2 weeks you will check in with your coach, analyse the results, and allow us to recommend what adjustments need to be made to maintain improvements.