The South Yarra studio was opened in September 2014 with the intent to provide solutions to the problems that were identified in the industry.

At the time it was the low level of care being demonstrated by the Commercial Gyms towards their clients, and the transactional nature of Personal Training where time was exchanged for money. Today it is the market being flooded by the franchise model that sees a greater priority put on locations sold and the number of people in the room, instead of the quality of training and the development of coaches. At GRIPT we are committed to continually strive to innovate the experience you have with us at every interaction.


The culture in the studio has been carefully crafted on three key values – Connection, Coaching and Community.

We form a connection with you from your first visit where you come into contact with our Concierge and your Coach. We then take it another step through consultation by gaining an understanding of what motivated you to come to the studio, what experience you have, and most importantly, what you want to achieve and why that is important to you.

The coaching we deliver is based on getting to understand you individually, and providing you with the training that reflects you and your goal. We have an extensive range of coaches, with a broad range of experience, and we are confident we will find the right fit for you.

The studio environment has been designed specifically to remove ego, comparisons and competition, to allow you to focus on self improvement – because everyone is at a different stage in their health journey. By removing these elements from the studio, it has allowed for a community to flourish where you can come and feel a part of more than just a gym.



In the beginning we were in the business of building stronger, fitter bodies, by developing your understanding of what is required to achieve results. Hard work, consistency and commitment – because no one is born with the body that they want.

As we have evolved, so too has our ethos where we now focus on building healthier, happier, and better lives that our clients can enjoy and gain greater levels of satisfaction and fulfilment from.


The team at GRIPT has been built over years by attracting experienced experts to the studio with one common goal – to improve people’s health and quality of living. Each team member is committed to their own personal and professional development to continue improving the experience their clients have with them.

Drew Westfield

Owner / Head of Volumize Program

Lane Wiederstein


Dean Francis

Senior Coach / Head of Hyper Program

Matt Boland

Personal Trainer / Group Training

Liv Havers

Studio Concierge

Jono Cannon

Personal Trainer / Group Training