Part One: Earthing

Part Two: Vitamin D

My recent conversations and consults tend to take multiple different twists and turns depending on the content, but always end up in the same space. That space is a recommendation to revert back to being human and doing what humans are meant to do. So much of your health and quality of life is not just about training and nutrition. Large improvements can be found by making a lifestyle adjustment and implementing daily habits that actually rewind the clock and take you away from the chronological fuck ups and reliance on technology that has become the normal. 

Part One

We all use electricity within our bodies. Muscle contractions, nerve signal transmission, hormone release; many body functions use the exchange of electricity charged ions to work. A buildup of charged energy, or static electricity can negatively impact on these systems and result in excess ‘“free radicals” causing oxidative stress and increase the degenerative process known as aging. 

Free Radical: an uncharged molecule (typically highly reactive and short-lived) having an unpaired valency electron.

Direct physical contact with the earths surface is an overlooked environmental factor of health. Modern lifestyle often separates us from such contact and is a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and health issues. 

We have experienced a decrease in physical contact with the earth, and a dramatic increase in our exposure to electric energy. All day we are surrounded by mobile phones, bluetooth devices, in a constant presence of Wi-Fi, and spend hours looking at computer screens. In my opinion, this is one of the major contributing reasons for an increase in diseases of inflammation, decreased immune function, circadian and hormonal dysfunction, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and more. 

Our modern foot ware, industrialised workplaces, and contemporary homes no longer allow for this discharge of energy. 

The practice of earthing is as simple as connecting with the earth by being barefoot and making contact with its surface such as grass or sand hence one of the reasons you feel more relaxed after some time at the beach.

Earthing benefits include things such as:

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Reduced chronic pain

  • Increased energy

  • Decreased stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve biological rhythms

  • Eliminate headaches

  • Support adrenal function

  • Improve mood

  • Regulate menstrual cycle

  • Speed recovery after exercise or injury

Part Two

In 1983 the slip slop slap cancer council campaign was launched. Given the intensity of Australias sun, the advice has been to coat yourself in sunscreen, wear big hats, sunglasses, and stay out of the of the sun in the middle of the day. 

Since then have skin cancer rates risen or declined? Risen. Therefore, its hard to say this campaign has been anything other than a failure. 

Man kind spent years making no efforts to avoid midday sun. Now I am not at all suggesting its safe or a good idea to lather up in coconut oil and roast yourself like a baked potato for health benefits, but the advice to avoid midday sun is wrong. This is to do with the wave length of light. Afternoon sun has longer wave lengths of light that penetrate deeper into the skin. Midday sun has shorter wave lengths and less penetration of the skin therefore spending less time in the midday sun is more beneficial and safer than a long time in the afternoon sun. 

Research shows people with melanomas who continued to expose themselves to a small amount of non protected sun exposure actually had better prognosis for life and lived longer than those who avoided the sun all together. 

The sun is your number #1 source of Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is an anti cancer agent. It combats type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. It is used to maintain the health of bones and teeth. It supports the immune system, nervous system, and brain health. Vitamin D also regulates insulin levels, supports lung function and cardiovascular health, influences gene expression involved in cancer development, and supports testosterone and androgens within the body. 

Recommended Actions: 

Hopefully by now you can see the importance of both earthing and Vitamin D. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Utilise your lunch break to get outside for 10 minutes, take your shoes and socks off on a close by park or grassed area and get some good old fashion sunshine for gods sake. 

Final Tip: Remove your sunglasses in this short period of time. You can’t absorb vitamin D through windows or glass. When UV light hits the back of the retina, it stimulates melatonin production in the pineal gland in the brain. When dark comes along, it gets released. Melatonin is an antioxidant for the brain and helps you sleep (another over looked factor of health).